Ekofisk and Tor improved recovery

People working within the Ekofisk and Tor improved recovery

Projects within AWF.1 Demo Model
Activity Research Leads Institute
Recovery Processes on core scale
Recovery Processes on core scale Karen Feilberg  DHRTC
Fasttrack: Minicoreflooding for screening Karen Feilberg  DHRTC
Long core flooding experiments Dan Olsen GEUS
Reservoir Modelling & Simulation
Reservoir Modelling & Simulation Hamid Nick DHRTC
Multiphase flow simulation (optimisation) John Bagterp Jørgensen DTU Compute
Compaction Hamid Nick DHRTC
Reservoir Fluid Characterization
Reservoir Fluid Characterization Karen Feilberg  DHRTC
SmartWater rock-fluid interaction  Espen Thormann DTU KEMI
Reservoir fluid characterisation with GC-MS  Jan Christensen KU
Thermodynamic modelling of SmartWater  Kaj Thomsen DTU KT
Oil composition & surface studies with IR facilities for EOR René Wugt Larsen DTU KEMI
Wettability and pore structure understanding for increased injectivity Theis Sølling KU
Wettability modification of chalk Nicolas Bovet KU
Geochemical characterization of Produced water Niels Schovsbo GEUS
Mobilization of residual oil by salinity gradient Alexander Shapiro DTU KT
The molecular action of SMART water with chalk  Tobias Weidner AU
Micro CT scanner Image analysis Anders Nymark Christensen DTU Compute
Improved geomodel with deterministic fracture representation and outcrop analogue information
Improved Geomodel with Deterministic fracture representation Mikael Lüthje DHRTC
DFN modelling based on geomechanics Michael Welch DHRTC
Outcrop Analogue Studies of chalk – integrated geology, geophysics & geostatistics Lars Stemmerik/Lars Nielsen/Klaus Mosegaard KU
Rock Mechanics and Fluid Saturation Study Ida Fabricius DTU-Byg
Geomechanical testing of core samples Helle Foged Christensen GEO
Seismic geomorphology and reservoir characteristics of chalk fields Florian Smit DHRTC
Ideation & Proposal Execution
Visualisation of virtual outcrops using aerial robots Erdal Kayacan AU
Technology Maturation
AWF.1 Technology Maturation Lead Hans Horikx DHRTC
Programme Management
Programme Manager Charlotte Laurentzius DHRTC